Frequently Asked Questions on Black Salve

  • How long has the Black Salve been around?                 
    Hard to know.  There have been different formulations over the last 100 years or so, but there have been different versions of Black Salve for hundreds of years.
  • Why don’t doctors use the Black Salve to treat people?

    Generally, modern medicine has largely bypassed folk remedies in favour of patentable drugs which only doctors can dispense, and other methods such as surgery which only doctors can do.   Whole books have been written as to just why this has been the case.

    The short answer is, that Black Salve has not been subjected to RCTs (randomized controlled trials), so doctors don't know much if anything at all about Black Salve.

  • Is anyone allergic to the Black Salve?

    We do not currently know of any allergic responses. We did have a skin cancer patient take himself to hospital because he did not quite understand what was happening to him; the doctors there declared he had had an "allergic reaction" to the Black Salve. But they formed that opinion based merely on casual observation, without any prior experience themselves with the Black Salve, without resort to any literature, or even without any scientific testing of that opinion, which would have differential diagnosis along these lines if the hospital doctor had known about the way the Balck Salve works. True, there are some similarities between histamine release in allergy and in inflammation.

  • So How Does the Black Salve Actually Work?

    Again, until scientific trials have been done, we remain uncertain as to exactly how it works. 

    It does not work by causticity, (ie it doesn’t ‘burn’), we do know that much. 

    Observations suggest, however, that the black salve appears to cause an immunogenic response; that is, it appears to stimulate the body’s own immune system against the cancer.

    A fuller explanation can be found in Naturopath Adrian Jones e-books. ‘Click Here’ for more details.

  • Does Black Salve damage any healthy tissue?

    It doesn’t seem to, certainly not to the naked eye.  There may be evidence of damage at the microscopic level, but that’s about all.

    In this respect, practitioners believe the salve is “cancer-cell specific”.

  • Can I apply the Black Salve myself?

    Yes, this is a people’s remedy, it is easy to apply (you just need some salve and a band-aid), and an adventurous spirit!

    However, if you do not feel confident enough, or would just like to be talked
    through it, then please consult with Naturopath Adrian Jones.

  • Will using the Black Salve be painful?

    It doesn’t hurt at all if you put the Black Salve on healthy tissue, just a little itchiness is all you might expect.

    While the salve is on a lesion, there can be a whole range of symptoms, from almost no sensation at all, to a “burning” sensation, to more sharp, even a throbbing pain, occasionally a headache, depending usually on just where the lesion or tumor is situated..  Most patients do not need an anodyne (pain killer).

    Individuals experience a wide range of symptoms, even when the salve is applied to the same areas of the body.

    There are other factors that affect sensation severity, including the depth of the tumor, where it is, or if it is weeping.

    Generally, the intensity of any response diminishes as the body desensitizes to the symptoms, and once the salve is cleared off, the only symptoms will be those relating to the resultant activity of the salve, a wound that needs managing.

    If the cancer was deep to start with, there can be resultant wound pain, for which some patients seek pain relief.

  • How long does it take the Black Salve to work?

    Just leave the Black Salve on for 24 hours, then clean it off.

  • How long will my wound take to heal after using the Black Salve?

    Generally, depending on how deep or howlarge the tumor is, it can take from just a few days, to a month for most of the healing to be complete.

    If you are young and healthy, you will heal quicker than someone who is older and maybe not in as good health.

  • Does treatment with Black Salve cause scarring?

    Treatment of larger skin cancers, or treatment of other cancers, like some breast cancers or sarcomas that have broken through the skin, can leave a scar. Sometimes a mark can be left when it has all healed up.

    If the lesion is on the face, and was large, you may consider plastic surgery once the healing is complete, merely for esthetic reasons.

  • Is Black Salve scary to use?

    Yes, it can be for some people.  Especially if you don’t know what you might expect with the treatment.

    Some people are happy to be personally guided through a treatment the first time. Later, when people know a little bit more, they gain confidence to do it themselves.

    We recommend you read the relevant e-book from Adrian Jones first, that will give you more insight as to what you might expect, and suggest the most appropriate way to approach any self-treatment with the Black Salve.

    Naturopath Adrian Jones is also available to guide you through personally. Please ‘click here’ for more details

  • Are there special precautions I should know about when using Black Salve?

    Yes there are. We highly recommend that you purchase a copy of Naturopath Adrian Jones e-books on using Black Salve as most of these are addressed in the relevant e-book. Sorry it is impossible to cover all precautions in this section.

  • Does Black Salve cure cancer?

    When it comes to cancer, “cure” is a word everyone feels uncomfortable with, and for a very good reason.  What does cure mean?  We know so little about cancer. What is cancer?  We suspect cancer is more than a tumor, it appears to be more like a process that leads to tumors.  You can get rid of a tumor, but will another one come? 

    Who can say?  We are unsure of etiology (causes) of this tumor-causing process. We have identified many potential carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), but what are the precise modes of action that seem to engender this process that leads to tumors?

    So, whether in allopathic or alternative medicine, no-one wants to say “cure” just yet.  Sure, a tumor might be killed, but the process that led to that tumor, has that process been halted, or will another tumor come someday, for the same reasons the first one did?

    So no claims are made for this Black Salve as far as curing cancer is concerned.  The best we can say just now, is that it based purely on clinical observations, that Black Salve appears to be very good at killing tumors.

  • What will my doctor say about this?

    We don’t know, why don’t you ask him?

    However, based on general feedback from hundreds of patient interviews, it appears medical doctors are largely ignorant of, certainly unaware of the nature of the Black Salve. They rely on the critics of the Black Salve, such as ‘Quack’, where so much misinformation, disinformation, half-truths, and down-right lies are posted under the guise of “good science”.

    The science they quote is quite simply faulty.   The salve being used today is not caustic.  It doesn’t work by “burning holes” in your skin.  That is a downright lie.  See an e-book for more details on the medical myth being promulgated.

  • What if it comes back?

    When it comes to treatment, people do their best.  But unfortunately, despite the very best efforts of skilful and caring surgeons, there are no guarantees that a cancer will not come back.  For a start, did the surgeon “get it all”?

    But even then, even if he did get it all, cancer is most likely a “process”, and until the process that leads to tumors is reversed, sure, one can be rid of a tumor, but there are no guarantees that a dermatologist or an oncologist can give you; quite simply, it might come back, we just have to wait and see.

    You can pluck an apple off an apple tree; but it is still an apple tree, maybe more apples will come next summer.

    That’s the best that a treatment with the Black Salve can offer as well.  There are still variable factors:-

    • Did the treatment get it all the first time?
    • Was the salve applied correctly?
    • If a lesion or tumor happens in one place to start with, maybe even after a successful treatment (surgery or salve), another lesion or tumor can happen again, maybe even in the same location, for the same reasons the first one came.
  • Why does a skin cancer, or any cancer for that matter, occur at a particular site?

    Only God knows, really.  Was there some damage to a particular cell’s DNA?  But why this cell, and not that one?  Who knows? 

    Certainly, it seems some cells seem to be more susceptible to the influence of carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).  But as to why that is, is suppositional, mostly.

  • What if I have some questions about what is happening when I do treat myself?
  • What if I get part way through the treatment, and I get nervous, or want some advice?
  • What if I’m not sure what to do next?

    The answer to all of these questions, is that Naturopath Adrian Jones is available to consult with you on a personal basis please 'Contact Us' for more details.

We would like to thank Naturopath Adrian Jones for his assistance in formulating these questions.